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For those self-reliant, trail blazers, needing no frills, this version ensures your survival.  It performs all the needed functions to get your basic risk assessments done and you can’t beat the price.  In true explorer fashion, you’re on foot, having only what you can carry, and figuring things out as you go.  This version is designed to be bare essentials, primitive, with ‘sorry, you’re on your own’ level of support.  You can do your full risk assessment here, befitting your exploration self sufficiency, but you’re just figuring out what’s out there, leaving the colonization (risk management) to those following behind.


With this version, you’re still mostly self reliant, but now you’ve got some ‘troops behind you’ in the form of some useful and advanced features built in, as well as some expert support, if you need it.  You know you’re just blazing the trail with your risk assessments and you’ll need to prepare for the others following close behind:  the management of the risks you’ve identified and quantified.


With this version, you’re now wearing a couple of different hats.  You’re still out there, in the lead with your risk assessments, but you’ve now also got to keep the peace, managing those risks that threaten the law and order you’re establishing.  You’ve got your Explorer and Scout equipment, and now you’re also equipping yourself with the critical means to help keep the peace.


The ultimate in risk assessment software, Regulator helps you keep the peace.

Explorer Scout Ranger Regulator
Basics of Risk Assessment
Import data from Excel Yes Yes Yes Yes
Automatically creates Dynamic Segments Yes Yes Yes Yes
Applies user-defined defaults Yes Yes Yes Yes
Applies user-specified algorithms Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fully customizable view Yes Yes Yes Yes
Designed for Data Exploration Yes Yes Yes Yes
Connects to External Databases Yes Yes Yes
Applies user-defined assignments Yes Yes
Integrates with GIS Yes Yes
Export results to Excel Yes Yes Yes Yes
Risk Assessment Cool Stuff
Checks Algorithms for Errors Yes Yes Yes Yes
Provides Error report for review Yes Yes Yes Yes
Creates tree view from Algorithms Yes Yes Yes Yes
Create Histogram from any Attribute Yes Yes Yes Yes
Create 2 series Line Graph from any Attributes Yes Yes Yes Yes
View any table Yes Yes Yes Yes
Save Graphs for reports Yes Yes Yes
IT Features
Simple Install Yes Yes Yes Yes
Automatic Updates Yes Yes Yes Yes
Desktop Based Yes Yes Yes Yes
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