Configuring Units

The application displays units whenever possible by collecting information from the Formulas and Defaults tab when loading data.  The application will first check the “units” field of the Formulas tab, if there is no entry it will check the “units” field of the Defaults tab.  If no units are found in either location it will be presented with empty or no units.

Units do not affect the calculations and are not used by the application for anything other than display purposes.

There are a few special entries that the application looks for:

  • “BeginMeasure” – If listed in the Defaults tab with units, these units are displayed on the line graph.  If “BeginMeasure” is not listed in the Defaults tab, “len” will be used (see next item).
  • “len” – If listed in the Formulas tab with units, these units are displayed on the histogram.  If not specified, then empty or no units are shown.  “len” is also used as the fallback for “BeginMeasure” in the line graph and units will be displayed if available.

The following image shows an entry in the Formulas tab where the “len” attribute has been properly assigned units “ft”.

len Attribute with Units in Formulas

When properly set in the Formulas tab, the units are used in the label for the attribute in several widgets, including the histogram:

Histogram with Units